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We are a company made up by a team of young creative professionals with passion for flying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and utilising their potential to the fullest for different projects in numerous fields, where these have already proven to be more time efficient and cost effective compared to traditional methods.

Our team of skillful and experienced drone pilots always pushes the limits and goes the extra mile when it comes to providing the customer with quality content and service which you can rely on to add great value to your business.

We specialise in the following fields: aerial photography and cinematography, aerial surveys and inspections as well as innovative media services such as 3D modelling and virtual tours. We are PfCO certified by the UK and Bulgarian Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to carry out day and night aerial services and safety of our crew and the public is our top priority at all times whilst operating out in the field providing an unmatched level of service in terms of reliability and creativity. For your peace of mind, the company carries a worldwide third party liability insurance. We operate primarily from our offices in London, UK and Sofia, Bulgaria but are more than flexible and happy to provide services worldwide.

Due to the nature of some of our work, we take the weather factor into consideration at all times by monitoring the weather forecast up to a week in advance and keeping you updated. Unfortunately, sometimes things do not go as planned as a result of rain and/or high winds which could potentially cause damage to our drones. In such cases we have to postpone and reschedule the work at a time of convenience for both parties.

Some projects are very complex and require a lot of preparation whereas some are very straightforward and do not require the same level of planning, making each one unique. In addition, there are different variables taken into consideration for each project such as location, time of the day, flight time, equipment required and operating environment to name a few therefore we offer individual quotes depending on the task at hand. The services we provide are very custom and we are always happy to hear about your project and give you a more specific quote either by sending us an email or giving us a call for a friendly discussion.

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