Virtual Tours

Our stunning and bespoke virtual tours allow you to fully immerse yourself in a space and interact with numerous features. Through the use of highly advanced technology able to capture the tiniest details in the highlights and the shadows, our walk-throughs have a more natural look making them ideal for real estate, restaurants, clubs, hotels, museums, etc. They can also be applied in architecture and interior design but for slightly different purposes. It is an opportunity for you to offer your customers more creative ways to get familiar with your business and recent findings suggest a 360° tour has various benefits.

  • By embedding a virtual tour on your website, you will improve your organic traffic, increase the click-through rate by 30% and reduce the bounce rate (the number of people leaving your website after viewing only one page)
  • It has been found that a virtual tour will keep visitors on your website for approximately 30 minutes longer thus increasing the engagement by 300% and moving you one step closer to securing a customer and setting you apart from the competition
  • Nowadays, 49% of business searches have been made using a mapping application like Google Maps therefore a virtual tour is the most suitable tool to showcase your business in the best possible way
  • A virtual tour featured on Google My Business has seen 80% increase in bookings due to the fact that customers are able to get a unique feel for the setting of your venue

Our virtual tours will allow your clients to visit and explore your product or business from the comfort of their home as if they have been physically present at the premises. They are fully optimised to work on different devices including desktop, mobile as well as a VR headset for an even more realistic and unique experience. In addition, virtual tours can be easily embedded on your website and shared on your social media channels through built-in sharing buttons. Clients can also step inside your business directly from Google Maps, Street View and the search results of their chosen search engine. Besides the easy to navigate virtual walk-through and depending on your requirements you will be provided with following:

  • A 3D model you can move, tilt, zoom in and out resembling a doll house
  • A 2D coloured floor plan showing the furniture in situ
  • HDR quality photos (suitable for your website or social media channels)
  • 360° photos
  • Black and white schematic floor plans accurate to within 1% of reality
  • Information tags can be used to further increase the level of interactivity of your virtual tour by displaying video, photo, audio and text content which can direct your visitors to relevant sections of your website
  • Point cloud including colour data and a 3D model in either .xyz or .obj file format and accurate to within 1% of reality. The point cloud can be directly imported in CAD or the software of your choice. This can be applied in the redesign of an interior, documenting construction projects without having to manage a nearly infinite amount of files, visualisation of extension and renovation projects, detection of structural damage and VR projects.