Aerial Surveys and 3D Modelling

UAVs have completely revolutionised the way we conduct aerial inspections owing to the very high level of accuracy and the opportunity to identify potential issues for the fraction of the cost compared to traditional methods involving scaffolding and cranes. By employing a drone to inspect either a roof or a structure you will immensely benefit from speeding up the process and reducing the health related risk for people involved in the operation. Drones can be used to provide progress reports for projects in the construction industry, inspect wind turbines for damage, solar panels for faulty cells as well as roofs for any potential damage or faults. You can also have access to live video footage and direct the operator to a particular point of interest.

Computer generated 3D models can reveal a lot valuable information like distance, volume, area and property size as well as additional information about the terrain. A 3D model and an orthophoto will allow you to showcase the area of a proposed new development and its surroundings to your prospective customers.